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Power cable ППГнг(А)-FRHF

660/1000 V Armored, fire-resistant, low gas and fume emission power cables with plastic insulation retarding flame spread from bunched cables.

Особенности продукта



Retard flame spread from bunched cables


UV protection

Документация кабеля

Marking decoding

  • — Halogen-free PVC compound insulation
  • — Halogen-free PVC compound sheath
  • — Non-Sheathed
  • — Retard flame spread from bunched cables
  • — Reaction to fire class A
  • — Halogen-free

ОК - single-strand round conductor

МК - multi-strand round conductor


Rated AC voltage 0,66/1 kV
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Minimum bending radius allowed for single-strand round conductor 10 cable diameters
Minimum bending radius allowed for multi-strand round conductor 7,5 cable diameters
Maximum pulling tension should not exceed 50 N/mm²td>
Reaction to fire class O1.
Operational life 30 years
Shelf life 5 years
Operating ambient temperatures from -50°C to +50°C
Resistance to high relative atmospheric humidity at ambient temperature up to +35°C 98%
Installation without preheating is permitted at temperature not lower than: -15°С


Cable design

  1. Copper conductor
  2. Mica tapes thermal barrier
  3. PVC compound insulation
  4. PVC extruded cushion filling the interstices between the insulated conductors to make a round shaped cable
  5. PVC compound sheath

Conductor coding

Insulated conductors must be of different colours. The colour code must cover the entire surface of the insulation or be applied in a form of lengthwise strip not less than 1mm wide. The color of conductors insulation in multi-conductor cables must comply with GOST R 31996-2012.

Number of conductors, pcs. Conductor insulation colour
Conductor sequence number
1 2 3 4 5
2 Grey* Blue - - -
3 Grey* Brown Black - -
  Grey* Blue Green-Yellow - -
4 Grey* Brown Black Blue -
  Grey* Brown Black Green-Yellow -
5 Grey* Brown Black Blue Green-Yellow



  • This cable type is used for transmission and distribution of power in electric installations with rated alternating voltage of 660 V or 1000 V and 50 Hz frequency. .
  • Its laying has no restrictions of the difference in elevation along the cable route including its vertical sections.
  • The cable is intended to operate in electric networks of alternating voltage with grounded or isolated neutral. Their time of operating in single-phase earth fault mode should not exceed 8 hours and the total operating time in single-phase earth fault mode does not exceed 125 hours per year.
  • These cables are designed for laying of single cable lines in the cable installations and industrial premises. Bunched laying is allowed only in the outdoor electrical installations and industrial premises with just occasional presence of the maintenance staff. In that case a passive fire protection is required.

Cross-sections and macro dimensions

1х1,5 1х2,5 1х4,0 1х6,0 1х10,0 1х16,0 1х25,0 1х35,0 1х50,0 2х1,5 2х2,5 2х4,0 2х6,0 2х10,0 2х16,0 2х25,0 2х35,0 2х50,0 3х1,5 3х2,5 3х4,0 3х6,0 3х10,0 3х16,0 3х25,0 3х35,0 3х50,0 4х1,5 4х2,5 4х4,0 4х6,0 4х10,0 4х16,0 4х25,0 4х35,0 4х50,0 5х1,5 5х2,5 5х4,0 5х6,0 5х10,0 5х16,0 5х25,0 5х35,0 5х50,0
1х16,0 1х25,0 1х35,0 1х50,0 1х70,0 1х95,0 1х120,0 1х150,0 1х185,0 1х240,0 2х16,0 2х25,0 2х35,0 2х50,0 2х70,0 2х95,0 3х16,0 3х25,0 3х35,0 3х50,0 3х70,0 3х95,0 4х16,0 4х25,0 4х35,0 4х50,0 4х70,0 4х95,0 5х16,0 5х25,0 5х35,0 5х50,0 5х70,0 5х95,0


GOST R 31996-2012


Power cables with plastic insulation for rated voltages of 0,66; 1 and 3 kV. General specifications

since 01.01.2014

GOST R 22483-2012


Conductors for cables, wires and cords

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Cables, wires and cords. Standards for insulation and sheath thickness and voltage test

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Frequently asked Questions

How much do the VOLTA® cables and wires cost?
The price depends on the product type and order volume. To get a relevant price list email your request to info@selcab.ru. Our manager will send you a quotation as soon as possible.
What products are there in stock?
We use the Smart Warehouse concept. The system monitors the logistics of goods starting from receiving and storage to assembly and shipment. We know at any time how much cable and wire is available right then and how long will it take us to execute any order taking into account the finished products and raw materials in stock. Just leave your request at info@selcab.ru.
What are the payment terms?
To start the order execution we need to get a prepayment from you which is calculated individually. We accept payments only via bank transfer. The invoice should be paid no later than 3 business days from the issuing date. If you have delayed the payment we will refund the money net of actual costs incurred.
What time does it take to execute an order?
It takes 3 weeks on average. Production time depends on a chosen product type, its features, and production load and can vary from 1 week to 2 months.
Can I get technical advice from PC SEC experts?
Leave your request at info@selcab.ru. Our sales team consists of real techies: former factory workers, technology officers, and installers. Each of them is an expert in technical aspects of cable production and installation. The goal of our managers is not to sell at any cost, but to solve your specific task.
What are the delivery options?
We deliver loads up to 2 tons to the office of any shipment company in Smolensk free of charge within 5 working days from the payment date. Smolensk is a convenient logistic point located 400 kilometers to the West from Moscow along the Federal Highway M1. There are offices of various international shipment companies delivering to Europe or the USA such as PEK (First Forwarding Company), CDEK Express, DPD. You can also pick up your order yourself from our warehouse at the 5th kilometer of Roslavlskoe shosse.
Can I get a 10-20 cm cable sample to make a decision about a purchase?
Leave your request at info@selcab.ru. If the cable you need is in stock we will send a sample at our expenses.