Описание продукта

МПС 20/27

Polyethylene straight-through joints are designed to connect telecommunication cables (number of pairs 100, cross section 0,4 mm2)

Особенности продукта

МПС 20/27

Документация кабеля

Marking decoding

  • — Cable joint
  • — Polyethylene
  • — Joining
  • — Maximum outer cable diameter, mm
  • — Maximum outer cable diameter, mm


Cable joints are designed to repair telephone cable polyethylene sheaths including sheaths of the cables with hydrophobic filling. When installed on the cables of other types, they are used to repair both sheaths and polyethylene protective hoses.


These cable joints can be used with connectors of various types. They can be installed on telephone cables of ТППэп, ТПппЗП, and ТППэпЗ types, spliced using single-conductor and multi-conductor connectors of any type. When installed on filled cables, the modular splicing connectors in sealant boxes can be used. Сones and branch pipes ensure a tight fit of the cable joint with no overwrapping required, regardless of the connectors type and the splices size.

Thickened walls of cable joints make the installation using the method of welding the seams by melting the plastic tape under the fiberglass tape more convenient and reliable.

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